Ian Waugh is a broadcaster, historian, published author and  Englishman.

Born in Dorset, brought up in Devon with my roots in the South West going back many generations.

I am a passionate historian, co-authored The Man They Couldn’t Hang and I’m a recognised British historic researcher.

I frequently upload and update historic data, including my family trees and historic backgrounds. I also research details of deceased blood relatives including up to three generation details of those who were married relations. The information contains over 1,500 individuals and extends back to the middle of the 16th century. More here.

As a broadcaster I have worked with radio and television networks in the UK and overseas. Since 1972 my voice has been heard on many major and smaller British Independent Television programme companies, some BBC and Independent radio stations.

IIan Waugh have osteoarthritis in both legs, partial paralysis following stroke and I’m disabled with severe mobility issues. I lost the full use of both my legs during the 1990s and suffered two strokes in 2000. This means the regular use of walking sticks, wheelchair and the loss of use of my right side. It’s a nuisance, sometimes almost unbearably painful and frequently frustrating. My voice and my general ability is unaffected.

Ian Waugh Summed up briefly

On the whole I am a positive happy, sociable sort of person. I have enjoyed most of my life, indulged in what became my career for some years and travelled extensively.Ian Waugh Encountered some truly brilliant, some interesting, a few strange and at times high profile people. Achieved a bit and, like all of us, made a few blunders along the way.

I’m relatively content, with one foot in our historic past and other embracing the modern world. Constantly on the go, writing, researching, editing, listening and observing. The bright, the inspirational and the sharp embraced. Fools and the foolish not. I adore achievement and detest time waste. I lead a quiet slightly reserved life in the east of England, nibbling off the fat of life’s experiences – that’s it in a nutshell.

I can also be found on Twitter. My ‘sometimes when I feel like it’ scribblings (m’Blog) can be found here. I’m currently giving Facebook a rest.

You can contact me here and read more about me by clicking here.Ian Waugh